Plan and secure your surgical interventions in an optimal way.

With SINA PQ technology, plans and manages all aspects related to the surgical intervention in an easy and simple way, optimising operating theatres and facilitating administrative tasks, while helping to avoid errors and therefore maximising surgical safety.

It controls the planning flow from any configured scope, or by including it from the request manager itself. SINA PQ has a system of validations and restrictions to control the errors that may occur in the planning process.

Use our visual interface for room and operating room optimisation. Plan interventions of any kind in real time and observe their distribution over time. A multi-centre option is also available to select different hospitals and display their calendars.

Control the resources needed for interventions in a simple and easy way. Everything you need is just one click away.

It integrates with traceability systems – such as MySphera– for automatic tracking of patients through the surgical area via wristbands and wireless connection, error control and automatic recording of operating room times.

SINA PQ includes the possibility of integration with any HIS.

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