Integral hospital management: administrative and care.

It is a system geared towards facilitating the administrative and care management of patients in the hospital, from the most administrative areas to the complete clinical management of the same, being the ideal support for a “paperless hospital”.

In a very intuitive way, it allows clinical professionals to attend the patients in the most effective way and to quickly access to the information available through specific modules for each of the hospital areas (outpatients, emergency, hospitalisation, operating theatres, day hospital, home hospitalisation…).

System adaptable to the needs of each centre, including a modular design with which only the necessary components can be installed, and integrating as standard with other pre-existing systems and specialised departmental systems, such as RIS/PACS, ICU, Pharmacy or Laboratory, among others.

It protects all information in a secure and reliable way. Our system includes integration with biometric identification systems so that patients’ and professionals’ data are always secure.

These components are providing the support that the practitioner needs to facilitate the best care for the patient. The key is quick and convenient access to the information, assisting clinicians in recording data by minimising the need for manual recording and facilitating the flow of data between different clinical areas.

A system designed by and for healthcare professionals, with the aim of optimising the quality of care and providing adequate information to the management of hospitals and clinics.

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