It speeds up administrative procedures and reduces waiting times for patients.

SINA KIOSKS not only allows you to confirm your arrival at the appointment automatically at the totems or kiosks, but also offers you a wide range of administrative services, without waiting: request an appointment, get your proof of attendance and see where to go for your consultation or to carry out a procedure.

In addition to facilitating appointment management and speeding up the appointment management process, SINA KIOSKS offers privacy to the patient in calls to be attended, as they will be made by code and not by name, complying with the security regulations of the Joint Comission, among others.

If at any time you have doubted where the room you have your appointment is, SINA KIOSKS makes it easy for you: you will see on screen how to get there from wherever you are.

With the information kiosk, family members of a patient in the operating theatre can be informed about the patient’s condition by means of a code. Family members can check the patient’s condition at the kiosks at any time.

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