Increases efficiency and leads to continuous system improvement through BI.

Business Intelligence is a technology that enables the integration of all hospital systems, visibly through dynamic dashboards, to perform management and research improvement tasks.

Thanks to this tool, our system will be constantly evolving and improving in all possible areas. This environment leads us to a constant versatility where the improvements and optimisation of the application are constantly growing.

Through integrated and departmental dashboards, we build specific administration environments to house all the company’s information and share it according to user profiles.

Some of the most commonly used dashboards are emergencies indicators, care indicators, administrative and management indicators, economic indicators and billing indicators.

The use of BI offers the possibility to configure and access a large number of indicators that provides many possibilities to create dashboards, tailored to the specific needs of each hospital or clinic.

These adjustable dashboards will allow the general management, the clinical management or the administrative management to know the situation of the hospital or the clinic at any time, in order to take the right decisions, with all the necessary information.

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